Lil Baby Lil Keed She Know

Lil Keed is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming studio album titled Trapped On Cleveland 3, scheduled to hit streaming platforms Friday August 7th. He has shared a new song off the project titled ‘She Know’ featuring rapper Lil Baby.

“That I’m gonna get racks (Yeah) / But I’m coming right back (Yeah, yeah) / We make love in the morning time / Pretty shit, she be moaning out (Oh) / Let me know if you’re slime or not (Slatt) / Plenty times I was down and out.” Lil Baby raps on the first verse.

“I’m poppin’ my shit, you know what it is / Ain’t nothin’ but blue hundreds, you know how I do it / In the Hellcat, it came with a shooter / It came equipped, it came with a fully / You holding that gun, but when it go down / Y’all niggas don’t even pull it.” Lil Keed continues on the second.

Listen below.