Wale Your Side, My Side
Lightshow Ft Wale Your Side, My Side

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Wale help’s lightshow to create another epic record titled “Your Side, My Side“, if you can remember correctly, it was who helped introduce Lightshow to the world with his appearance on the symbolic “Georgetown Press” off his 2012 Folarin mixtape, and now the duo reconnect almost seven years later.

With the added inspiration of working inside the same LA studio where Michael Jackson recorded Thriller, the 27-year-old took that extra boost to showcase the hunger of the D.C. area and the importance of growing the region for the next generation to thrive. “I want the fans to come visit D.C. and the surrounding areas, come to school here, party here, grind here, create here, invest here, hire here, respect here, just get to know the culture because it’s rich and it’s expanding,” Lightshow tells Billboard.

“Up town, up town, South side, south side, I ain’t local, bitch, I’m just outside, hey, Up town, up town, ay, South side, south side, ay, Still get big love, both sides my side, Get me Lakes on court-side, At the game, we, stylin’, AP gon’ run ya, No snider Dallas, uh, Up town, up town, South side, south side, Look how they judge us when they from outside”, they vibe on the chorus of the new track.

This song makes the most sense for what I’m trying to do, for what he’s trying to do and you can best believe that me and Lightshow are about to have 100 more of these, so get ready this summer,” Wale said about the collab.

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