Kodak Black depressed

Back in January 2020, Kodak Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen revealed after a visit that the rapper was in good spirit and working on new music, this was before the release of his album ‘Bill Israel’.

He Wrote. “We will address the issues in FDC Miami in good time,” Cohen wrote. “It was good to see [Kodak] and he was in good spirits. He is working on new projects and reading. He wants to thank all of you for the support.”

But it seems that is no longer the case as the rapper, who is currently serving a 46-month sentence in a Kentucky federal prison for falsifying paperwork to obtain a firearm with his release due August 2022 took to twitter to share some dark thoughts with his followers.

Kodak has had plenty of support from the rap community and plenty have lobbied for him to be pardoned and released from prison the past few months.