Kodak Black Sentenced weapons charge

American rapper Kodak Black has being sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in federal prison after the 22-year-old ‘zeze’ rapper pleaded guilty to weapons charges.

The rapper was arrested back in May at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens upon his arrival to the Rolling Loud music festival where he was scheduled to perform.

The Florida rapper appeared before a U.S. District Court Judge Federico Moreno who sentenced the Pompano Beach native for lying about his criminal record while purchasing or attempting to purchase six pistols on two different occasions at Lou’s Police and Security Equipment in Hialeah. An offence which Black had admitted to committing back in August. Authorities claim one of the guns was found at the scene of a March shooting in Pompano Beach but the rapper has not being charged with anything relating to that.

Judge Federico Moreno would had easily sentenced Black to a maximum of 10 years in prison or the eight years that were suggested by the prosecutor, “I think it’s time for us to give some tough love in this case,” said Bruce Brown, assistant US attorney. “I just don’t see how and when he’s taken these things seriously.” but Moreno noticed that Kodak has given money anonymously to charitable causes and so decided to reduce his sentence.

“Young people do stupid things,” Moreno told Kodak. “But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15.”

“I have made some decisions I’m not proud of making,” Black said in court. “I do take full responsibility for my mishap.” Kodak Black told the court before he was handed his sentence.

Source:  Miami Herald