kodak black expeditiously
kodak black expeditiously

Kodak Black Happily Throws First Punch At T.I With “Expeditiously”

Things are only getting more intense as Kodak black drops first diss track titled “expeditiously” and can’t just wait to see how the story goes.

T.i had early previewed a snippet of a kodak  diss track he had made and everything seemed pretty quiet for a while just for us to wake up these morning and discover that had already thrown first punch with new song “expeditiously“.

On it, he takes shots at T.I. and Tiny. “I don’t condone snitching, I ain’t going out like that rapper, I won’t do no tipping” he raps.

He also says “Tiny, that b*tch ugly as hell, I don’t even want piggy” amongst other things addressing the criticism of his comments. This won’t end well at all.

Listen on youtube below.