King Von Why He Told

King Von has shared the music video to his latest track titled ‘Why He Told‘ and it comes with a lot to think about. This follows his recently released Levon James project.

The Joán-directed video shows Von dealing with one of his boys who snitched and the paranoia that comes with becoming a federal witness and dime’n out your people.

The song itself offers a lot as it tends to explore why someone who is considered a ‘realer’ will suddenly fold and snitch and how he is looked at after snitching, as he sings on the chorus of the song.

“Man, I don’t know why he told (I don’t know why) / That boy was realer than a bitch, I don’t know how he fold (Don’t know how) / He could’ve hit them with the script, but he ain’t sugar coated (He ain’t nah) / He told them what he told ’em (Told ’em) / That was my brudda he broke (He broke) / Gotta act like I don’t know (Damn).”

On the last verse, we find Von questioning someone who snitched, trying to find out what made him break so easily. “Oh, you a witness now / The realest nigga that I knew / You done turn Mickey Mouse / I heard they get you in that [?], you put business out / I bet they give your ass some food, say you was gettin’ out / Now sit your dumb ass down.” I guest he will only find out if he gets in such a situation in which the only way to survive is to snitch and give up on everything you believe in.

Watch below.