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King Von Explore The Minds Of Snitches In ‘Why He Told’ Video

King Von Why He Told

King Von has shared the music video to his latest track titled ‘Why He Told‘ and it comes with a lot to think about. This follows his recently released Levon James project.

The Joán-directed video shows Von dealing with one of his boys who snitched and the paranoia that comes with becoming a federal witness and dime’n out your people.

The song itself offers a lot as it tends to explore why someone who is considered a ‘realer’ will suddenly fold and snitch and how he is looked at after snitching, as he sings on the chorus of the song.

“Man, I don’t know why he told (I don’t know why) / That boy was realer than a bitch, I don’t know how he fold (Don’t know how) / He could’ve hit them with the script, but he ain’t sugar coated (He ain’t nah) / He told them what he told ’em (Told ’em) / That was my brudda he broke (He broke) / Gotta act like I don’t know (Damn).”

On the last verse, we find Von questioning someone who snitched, trying to find out what made him break so easily. “Oh, you a witness now / The realest nigga that I knew / You done turn Mickey Mouse / I heard they get you in that [?], you put business out / I bet they give your ass some food, say you was gettin’ out / Now sit your dumb ass down.” I guest he will only find out if he gets in such a situation in which the only way to survive is to snitch and give up on everything you believe in.

Watch below.


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