KIKO BLAC Aims To Raise The Bar With New Single “SIT DOWN”


Kiko Blac has teamed up with music producer JayUncut on a new track “Sit Down” which is setting the stage to solidify Kiko Blac as a household name. “Sit Down” produces the perfect vibe for getting ready for the club. The song is about being a confident person no matter what anyone else around might say or think. Kiko ensures that listeners will feel in charge of the room. There is a raw yet energetic feel to the track, making you want to get up and twerk in the mirror.


Kiko Blac was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and began making music around 18 years old. She recorded her first record at 18, setting the stage for what would become her sound today. Kiko has always been obsessed with Japanese culture and anime graphics since an early age.  Around the age of 17, she discovered “kiko” meant “be happy” and fell in love with the meaning, becoming inspired.  She began calling herself Kiko and wouldn’t accept any other name, even from family members.

Kiko has a deep passion for music and loves the amount of creative expression that it allows. When it comes to her style and sound, Kiko finds herself incomparable to other artists. Describing her sound as cool, calm, hype, happy, raw, real, and most importantly– unbothered, she states that it doesn’t come with overhyped and disingenuous energy. She doesn’t want to present herself as over sexualized, or with a “hard rapper from the streets” persona. While Kiko writes her own music, she is always open to having a co-writer present. Kiko doesn’t currently produce her own music but hopes to one day get the opportunity to learn how to engineer. She wants to eventually begin engineering herself in order to perfect her delivery when in the studio.

IG: @kikoblac
YouTube Channel: kiko blac

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