khalid Eleven

Khalid is here with a brand new track to start the new year, he comes through with Eleven after a successful 2019 in which he gifted us with his “Free Spirit” album and so many amazing songs.

“Got my headlights off, we’re sittin’ outside / If you cry in my car, then we’re here all night, ooh / A couple blunts rolled and I got my windows down / Shorty, it’s been a while since you’ve been this high.” Khalid sings on the song.

“I love making music you can drive to, and I feel like ‘Eleven’ is the perfect track to just play on your stereo, grip the wheel of your car, and just, I mean, just go where the wind takes you,” he told Zane Lowe about the new track. “That’s what this song makes me feel like. This one I wanted to do something different. My mom lives, breathes, sleeps R&B music, so I really feel like this is the ode to just people who came before me, and I really love the song. It reminds me of that Timbaland era and Aaliyah and music just felt so good. You just wanted to turn it on and just drive just to nowhere. I’m just more excited to see what my fans think because for me they’re the reason why I’m here. I mean they got me here, they got me this far. So I’m excited for them to receive it and just accept the new era.”

Eleven follows his previously released song ‘Up All Night,’ which was released in the month of November 2019 and also, later teamed up with Major Lazer for “Trigger.”

Listen to Eleven below and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment below.