Kevin Gates I Got That Dope
Stream Kevin Gates “I Got That Dope”

Stream Kevin Gates “I Got That Dope”

Kevin Gates is relentless and unstoppable as he keeps delivering new materials, he comes through with his latest single “I Got That Dope” and its all about the money.

Kelvin has a way of making simple songs, sound complex and sticking to the mind, his style and growth can not be underrated as he has proven times without number on his projects, just as he can be seen here flexing his versatility and impeccable voice control all at the same time. Charlie Heat cooks up a key-heavy, bass-thumping instrumental that fits Kevin Gates’ sound and, more importantly, his persona on the track.

One of the most fascinating things about him is that, he always puts the same amount of energy and passion on every single track, at these point in his career, we feel like a full project will be appreciated by all his fans worldwide, its being quite long we had one and these feels like the perfect time for it.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think about the Charlie Heat-produced single by leaving a comment for us below.

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