kembe x raised a fool
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Stream Kembe X Ft Jay Rock, Ab-Soul & Zacari “Raised A Fool”

Kembe X is back with a new tune “Raised A Fool” following his 2016 debut album “Talk Back” which gave him lots of credits and set the path for him to shine in the future.

He recruits three artist from top Dawg Ent Jay Rock, Ab-Soul & Zacari to assist him on the project, the title of the song alone will get you wondering what it is really about, because we are all conversant with the saying “Raise No Fool” but now Kembe X is here telling us other wise, making you curious to see what it is really about.

“My whole family love the earth, we came from the dirt, Where the raisins burn, best thing they can do is stay, alert, uh, Daddy used to push a Caddy off of pushing work, I’m like why you tell this story while we on the way to, church? Uh, Dad went up in smoke, shit, his daddy name was Blunt, Got hooked on the stones, rehabbed for a month,, By the time that I was 5, my mama was traumatized, ‘Cause her husband ballin’ but he don’t be showin’ up, Probably where I got my affinity for the trinity, A love triangle, experimenting with chemistry, I’ma need both, boy, fuck it, surrendering” Kembe raps on the first verse of the high octane track.

Listen to the project below and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment for us below.

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