Katy Perry Never Really Over
Stream Katy Perry “Never Really Over

Stream Katy Perry “Never Really Over”

Katy Perry is back to brighten our dayand give us all hope with a new song and its titled “Never Really Over” produced by Zedd.

She has really being putting out a lot music these year, aside from “365,” her collaboration with Zedd. The hook and melody seemed like a perfectly constructed chart-grab, and the Black Mirror-inspired video also seemed like it would’ve garnered a little more traction, and yet it flopped pretty hard, as Katy Perry singles are wont to do these days.

Although Perry has successfully remained in public eye despite her hits drying up, I have little hope she can still pull off anything comparable to her early-career glory days. In the almost 11 years since One Of The Boys, which in my opinion was a perfect album, her album rollouts have only gotten cringier, culminating in 2017’s Witness, an album remembered more for its awkward promotional stunts than any of its music.

Its amazing to see how these song thrives to give hope to the listening and just keeps you holding on for as long as possible, it lets you believe that no matter the situation, its never really over, and we love her more for these.

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