Kanye West Donda merch

Although it looks like Kanye West’s ‘DONDA’ album may not make it to streaming platforms, the rapper has gone ahead to release the album’s launch merch featuring a black long sleeve shirt and a DONDA digital which seems to feature a simple pure black album cover.

Described by the merch website as “PIECES PRODUCED FOR THE DONDA LAUNCH EVENT HELD AT THE MERCEDES-BENZ ARENA IN ATLANTA, GA THURSDAY AUGUST 5TH, 2021.” The merch is available now on shop.kanyewest.comshop.kanyewest.com with the T-shirt shipping in 10-12 weeks and digital download of DONDA upon release.

The black long-sleeve shirt features a black base emblazoned on the front with a tonal print centered around The Star of David with a cross in the middle and notation of the event, “Donda, 8/5/2021, Mercedes Benz-Stadium”.

Donda merch

The album was initially supposed to make it to streaming platforms on July 23, but failed to make it after a massive listening party at the Mercedes Benz stadium, Kanye later moved into the stadium to finish the album but over a week later the album appears to miss the second date.