Julien Baker Little Oblivions Remixes
Julien Baker

Julien Baker is putting together remixes of songs from her recent album ‘Little Oblivions,’ the new project, set to arrive on September 1 via Matador will feature remixes from Half Waif, Gordi, Jesu, and Thao.

To kick off the project’s release, she has shared the Helios remix of her song Bloodshot, you can listen to it below. Speaking on the song, Helios said:

“I was excited when Julien Baker reached out about doing a remix, because I respect her work and it was an interesting challenge to do a remix of singer/songwriter material in the context of my approach which is more in the electronic/ambient world. I wanted to keep the integrity of the original composition, which was great, but also wanted to create enough of a spin to give it a distinctly new quality.”

“My approach to remixes is to use as much of the original material as possible, but to use those elements as a base to create a variety of new textures. So I took a lot of the guitar and percussion elements and ran them through some old tape recorders to give it a rough “handmade” quality, reversed them, chopped them up or manipulated them with reverbs and delays to create ambient soundscapes. I treated Julien’s vocals to match the rougher, more lo-fi quality I used with the instrumental elements.”

“Harmonically, I changed up the chord changes to give the vocal melody a slightly new framework and arrangement on which to sit and create some new twists and turns and builds in the composition. It was one of the most fun remixes I’ve done to date, with such strong original material it gave me a lot to play around with.”

Little Oblivions Remixes Tracklist:

1. Faith Healer (Half Waif Remix)
2. Bloodshot (Helios Remix)
3. Ringside (Gordi Remix)
4. Favor (Jesu Remix)
5. Ziptie (Thao Remix)