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Juicy J Apologizes For Promoting Drug Usage Through His Music

juicy j Apologizes For Promoting Drug Usage

American rapper, songwriter and record producer Juicy J has taken to twitter to apologize to his fans for promoting drug usage. These comes in wake of the death of high profile rappers who have lost their lives due to suspected drug overdoses.


Lil Peep in 2017, Mac Miller in 2018, and, most recently, Juice WRLD, who died earlier this month at an airport in Chicago after an alleged Percocet overdose.

“I do not do drugs constantly and I’m not at the strip club every day, no,” he explained. “… I smoke weed, you know what I’m saying, but I do things responsibly. I’m not gonna overdose on any drug. I’m not a crazy person like that. I’m responsible for whatever I do. I enjoy living, you know what I’m saying? And you have to be smart about everything you do. You can’t be stupid. You drink too much water you could kill yourself. You could OD on water. It’s true. You never overdo yourself on anything. You gotta be responsible if you like living on this earth.” He said in an interview with City Pages back in 2014, insisting he was not in any danger of dying.

“If I inspired anybody to do drugs, I apologize.” He twitted.

Juicy J’s apology follows Vic Mensa’s recently claimed that “rap is much to blame” for Juice’s death, stating the hip-hop community needs to take responsibility for the pro-drug messages in its music.



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