Juicy J Hella F**kin’ Trauma

Juicy J has released a new song titled ‘Hella F**kin’ Trauma,’ the rapper/producer has decided to join the likes of YG, Nasty C and T.I. to mention just a few, to make a stand against racism and also speak on the murder of George Floyd while demanding for justice.

The rapper also addressed his latest feud with record label, Columbia Records and the fact that the label is trying to keep his masters which led to him dissing the label back in February.

“When they gon’ stop killin’ n—– man? Enough is enough // Why they lock up all the real ones man? Enough is enough // Labels wanna own my masters, enough is enough // I can’t hit you on your Cashapp, enough is enough // You gon’ be a hater all your life, enough is enough // Got me ready to ride ’round with that pipe, enough is enough.” He starts off the self produced song.

“You n—– goin’ too far // I got the tool in the car // I got respect for the boys // But I ain’t scared of the cops // Ain’t no tellin’, I’m keepin’ that car // Revolution, I’m feelin’ like Pac // It’s my time, I’m watchin’ the clock // No Hell, you ready or not? // F— the biz, enough is enough,” He continues.

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Listen below.