joyner lucas Lotto

With just weeks to the release of his highly anticipated album ‘ADHD’ scheduled to arrive March 27th, Joyner Lucas has released a new song entitled ‘Lotto’ to help build momentum towards the release.

‘ADHD’ has been top on the list of our most anticipated projects of all time ever since word of it’s got to us back in 2019. The rapper has shared songs like ‘Devil’s Work,’ ‘ISIS‘ on which he featured Logic, ‘Broke and Stupid,’ ‘ADHD,’ ‘Revenge‘ and now he gifts us with ‘Lotto.’

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Joyner did say that because about half of the songs off the album are already out, he’s aiming to drop two more projects soon. The tracklist for ADHD has not been revealed yet but he’s back today with a new song off it, ‘Lotto’.

“I’m tired of this fucking panda song // I don’t stand alone // I just wanna wrap my fucking hands across // Stab the head, and break the fucking panda’s jaw // Burn em up and turn the fucking candles on // Choke em, beat em, put a couple hammers on em // Dab on a nigga while I’m standing on em // Kick him, punch him, throw him, make him slam the wall // Tie him to a cannon, make a cannon ball // Into the ocean, make him suffer too.” He raps on the new song.

The song also comes with the official music video. Listen below.