Joyce Wrice So So Sick

Super talented R&B singer Joyce Wrice has shared a self liberating new single titled So So Sick which sees her taking back her the power she gave to a former partner.

“I was feeling really hurt and down about a dude I really liked but he only wanted me at his own convenience,” she says of the new single. “I was sick of giving him the power to control me emotionally and was ready to move on despite how hard it may be. So writing this song was my therapy where I realized my worth and how he’s missing out on a great woman.”

The Southern California singer has revealed that the song will be the lead single on her upcoming album, which drops early next year.

“But when I move on and find somebody new / Give em all the love that you could’ve had / Had to cut you off now you got it bad Now you so sick I’m with somebody new / Had to step back no hard feelings babe / I just don’t think we want thе same thing.” Wrice sings on the powerful new song.

Listen to So So Sick below.