Jhene Aiko Triggered Freestyle
Jhene Aiko Triggered Freestyle

Listen to Jhene Aiko’s “Triggered Freestyle”

Jhene Aiko has being in her feelings lately and very active on social media, sharing both high and lows of her life with fans, she drops “Triggered Freestyle” today, exposing more truths about her life.

its clear to see that she has being emotionally unstable lately and is at the moment dealing with a lot of heart issues after her break up with rapper Big Sean last year, she wrote, “One night I was so deep in my feelings, I was afraid of what I might do,” she wrote. “I didn’t want to revert to the same bad habits that have set me back time and time again.”

“I realized that instead of running away from my emotions…I needed to sit with them, express myself and say whatever came to mind,” Aiko continued. “It was healing to say the least…and now I feel a bit more free.” ending it with a hashtag, #Triggered.

“Me and Sean are good. i’ve got tons of love for him,” she said the the first month of the incident. She also revealed that her next album, the first since 2017’s Trip, will consist of all freestyles. “my next album is all freestyles where i touch on many subjects and relationships… past, present and future,

Listen to “Triggered Freestyle” Below: