Jeezy The Recession 2

Jeezy has taken to Instagram to announce that he will be releasing the sequel to his 2008 album ‘The Recession’ which debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, moving 260k copies in the first week.

“12 years ago today I wrote the Recession, one of my best album to date. As you can see we here again‼️” he wrote in his Instagram caption.

Today, September 2nd, marks the albums anniversary. It is only logical that the sequel of the project will be dropping at this period, the initial album was released at a time termed ‘The Great Recession’ when the world was experiencing economic difficulties and so the sequel will also be arriving at another difficult period when the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic has massively affected the economic of major countries negatively.

He released a trailer for the forthcoming sequel celebrating the original with one of the major track off the project, ‘Put On’ featuring Kanye West playing in the background.