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Jay-Z In Disbelief After Watching Yo Gotti Lose $500,000 in Blackjack

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$500,000 may seem like a life changing sum for a lot of people to an extent that they will not dare do something as insane as staking it in a bet but as for Yo Gotti it is clearly not worth that much as the Memphis, Tennessee born rapper had no problem placing half a million as stakes in a blackjack game at Jay-Z’s Shawn Carter Charity Gala and unfortunately for the rapper, it did not play out as he anticipated as he lost the bet.

A video of the game somehow made its way to social media and in the video we can clearly see Jay-Z’s reaction as he is left in total disbelief after watching Yo Gotti Lose $500,000 in the game as the dealer had 21. “Oh My Goodness,” Jigga exclaimed while walking away from the table with his hands in the air.

As for Yo Gotti he just sat there with a straight face trying not to look too bothered as the dealer who won celebrated with a smile. Take a look at the video below.


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