Jason Nkanga Interview

Today, we shine the lights on Jason Nkanga, a young, vibrant Hip Hop artist who is slowly finding his way to the big screen through hard work and dedication, motivated by greats like Kanye, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, the 23-year-old has really big shoes to fill.

Born in Lewisham, England, Jason started music at just fourteen, releasing his first single ‘Go Dumb’ back in 2014, followed by his debut Ep ‘Beyond My Imagination’ two years later. He may still be up and coming, as he puts it “I’m just starting to get recognized,” but we believe Jason Nkanga has what it takes to become Hip Hop’s next great just as the artist he admires.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Jason Nkanga, I’m 23 years old. I’m an independent hip-hop artist. I was born in Lewisham, England on the 10th of May. I just finished my Masters programme at the University of Sussex and I’m heading to do my PhD. In
my spare time, I play football and I watch it too.

How would you describe your sound and style?

I’m all about lyrics, that’s my style. I’m a lyrical artist. My style of rapping is not so fast and at the same time not so slow, just in between. Boom bap is my preferred beat type. I’d say my rapping style is slightly old school. In the future I would love to fuse my sound with different sounds, that’s something I would love to do. I listen to quite a lot of songs from other genres, and I’ll be happy to switch it up sometimes.

Jason Nkanga

When did you start making music?

I started making music in 2014, six years ago. The first official single I put out was titled “Go Dumb” on the 11th of September 2014. Before I officially put out my first song, I performed in quite a lot of talent shows, that’s most likely what gave me the confidence I have today. I started it off as a hobby with me and a couple of my friends and later it grew into something more than a hobby.

What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?

Performing would be what I love most about being an artist. You have the freedom to do almost anything you wish to do. When I was much younger, I would look at other artists performing and say to myself “Yes, I want to do this”. There’s a certain connection you get with all the fans watching. I’ve been graced with the opportunity to perform at a couple of shows, and it’s been fun so far, although it consumes your energy, it’s something I thoroughly enjoy.

Who are the 3 artists that you look up to?

J. Cole is an artist I look up to. He is a great artist, he raps, and he produces too. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do, not every artist has mastered the art of doing that. It’s fascinating. Outside the music, he is great, and everyone knows that. Kendrick Lamar is another artist I look up to. He’s a great rapper, and he has done quite a lot for the black community. He has done so much and would love to do what he does. Kanye is another artist I look up to. When it comes to creativity nobody tops him. He has done quite a lot in the music industry and he is also a producer and a rapper. I’m inspired by his work, both music and fashion. Three inspiring artists.

What impact do you want to make with your music?

I want to use my music to help people who are going through tough times. Life can be tough sometimes and people just need to know they aren’t alone. I want to use my music to connect with people, to make an impact in their lives. I would want to be a voice for the voiceless, to use my platform to fight against injustice with my music. I’ve done this a couple of times and I wish to go on doing this. This is why I’m particular about lyrics and what
message I send out to my listeners.

You recently released a new song, tell us about that?

Yes, I did, the title of the song is “Forever” featuring Dekar Justus. I released this on the 23rd of April. It’s a love song that talks about a lifelong relationship. In this song, I spoke about spending my life with my future partner and how well I would love to treat her. It’s an upbeat love song that gives that old-school love feel to it. It’s a song to brighten up your mood.

Is there any new project you’re currently working on? if yes, can you tell us a little about it?

Yes, there is. This project is going to be quite different from what I’ve previously put out and I’m very excited to release it. “Forever” was a single from my project. I spent almost a year putting this project together. This time around, I’m putting my thoughts in a different angle and rapping about certain things now. I’m working with Hannise to bring out the best in this project.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I’m an optimistic person so I see myself having my first breakthrough, having more shows, and so much more. I’ve already done quite a lot in the time I’ve been here and it’s only a matter of time. My name will be in so many places in the next 5 years. I can’t wait for all of that to happen. I might get signed too, who knows?

Since you started music professionally, have you accomplished all you thought you would?

Well, most definitely not. Accomplishing all I ever wanted would take a long while. I’m taking it slowly before looking at the big picture. I’m just starting to get recognized so there’s a whole lot I still need to accomplish. Although I’ve accomplished quite a lot in the past, things I never thought I would accomplish, which is great. It’s a long journey to getting everything done.

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