James Blake Shares New Song ‘Mulholland’ – Listen

james blake

Friday 26 April 2019: Veteran artist James Blake drops a bonus track titled Mulholland from the Album ” Assume Form ” that hit airwaves in January. The “Retrograde” crooner delivers his unique Electronic R&B style on this track. Being the Penultimate Song on the deluxe version of his Album.

Mulholland is a song that hits right deep on the heart strings as most of his songs are known to.

The new track features no big names or external veteran producers. But what it boasts of is a spare echo of a song, made with icy pianos and reverbed trap drums. And while the song still gives us the happy reflection of James Blake, Mulholland thrives mostly on hypnotic introversion.

A particular line seems to be reechoed by James Blake in his latest release “They are just now understanding me.” This might be seen as triumphant or it as a regret over the idea that the singer spent most of his life misunderstood. (certainly it’s not an accident that the title evokes both LA sunshine and Lynchian dread.)

Listen to it below.


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