Rapper Jackboy was on February 23, arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon following a traffic stop in Monroe County, Ga. The arrest came about after the car he was in kept going off its lane, giving the cops no other choice but to stop the car and search after they smelled marijuana in the vehicle.

During the search, the police found two guns in the car, a 9mm and Glock were discovered in the passenger seat glove box where Jackboy was sitting. Although the rapper said he had no connection to the guns and another backseat passenger took credit for owning the guns. However, due to Jackboy’s felon status, he is not allowed to be in the direct vicinity of a firearm.

Jackboy’s lawyer spoke to Tmz and here is what he had to say:

“Pierre Delince was a passenger in the vehicle in which the driver was given a warning for an alleged traffic violation. Another passenger in the vehicle admitted to ownership of the 2 guns found in the glove box yet inexplicably Mr. Delince, was charged.”

He adds, “To be clear, Mr. Delince was not in possession, control or in any way exercised possessory interest of handguns present in the vehicle. As such he did not violate any Georgia laws.”

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