Isaiah Thomas suspended 2 games

Isaiah Thomas has been suspended for two games without pay for deliberately entering the spectator stands during Wizards’ 125-108 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers at Wells Fargo Center on Dec. 21.

According to Isaiah Thomas, the incident occurred after a fan stuck both of his middle fingers up and yelled obscenities at him while he was at the free-throw line. After his two free throw shots, Thomas decided to get closer just to let the fan know that he was being disrespectful.

An NBA rule state that any player who deliberately enters the spectator stands during a game will be automatically ejected and subject to a fine and/or suspension.

The rule was reportedly made to prevent altercations or other hostile interactions between players and fans, for the benefit of both, and is therefore enforced even in circumstances such as these when the encounter between Thomas and fans did not escalate.

The fans involved in this incident have been banned by the 76ers for one year from Wells Fargo Center events and the ticketholders’ seats have been revoked.