Insignificant Other Album
Insignificant Other Album

Insignificant Other’s Debuts I’m So Glad I Feel This Way About You Album

Just after announcing that their debut album would be droping yesterday, Insignificant Other delivers “I’m So Glad I Feel This Way About You” without wasting any time at all.

Though Sim Morales has been writing songs under the name since 2014 — and they already have an impressive full-band tour tape under their belt — I’m So Glad I Feel This Way About You is the group’s first full-length, and it’s an irresistible blast of energy, hook after hook firing off with abandon.

Morales’ words topple over each other, fitting in more words in a chorus than you’d think possible — they have that tendency in common with their label mates (and Band To Watch) Retirement Party — and it reflects the soupy, anxious mess that tends to go on in minds that just can’t stop thinking about every possibility.

Check It Out Below: