ImSoMaleek‘s latest release, Soul Shift EP, is out now, showcasing his unique and contemporary R&B sound. 

ImSoMaleek is up, with the release of his latest EP, Soul Shift, a five-track record that is pure vibes. The release of his latest EP came in April 2021, and it has since proven to be a classic EP, as it showcases ImSoMaleek’s refinement as an artist and his love and passion for making music. 

The EP is full of vibrant, smooth sounds that elevate the lyrics in ImSoMaleek’s music, as he bridges form and content, making for one hell of an EP. The project opens with his lead single, “D’evils,” an introspective manifesto about his life and the things that surround him. “D’evils” is also the only song on the EP with a visual to accompany it, released in June, the visual for “D’evils” is just as heartfelt as the lyrics within it. 

The video is deep-felt, as it opens with cuts of ImSoMaleek and his kids, opening with the line “it’s been a long day for me.” As the video progresses, you see him juggling his two lives as a rapper and father. The juxtaposition shows just how thin ImSoMaleek’s stretched and how much he is dealing with as a rapper and a father.  

The EP is full of vitality as ImSoMaleek bounces from one track to another, creating diverse sounds that are not only deep but bouncy and smooth and melodious tracks that are bound to get anyone hooked. With only five songs, ImSoMaleek provides just the right amount of diverse sounds, but only vibes, as he glides on each track. From tracks like “Slow Jiggle” and “Gotta Get It,” ImSoMaleek proves why he is a must-watch artist.

With influences from the likes of MJ, Sam Cooke, Queen, Usher, Tyrese, Tank, Musiq Soulchild, Pharrell, to name a few, it is no wonder ImSoMaleek is changing the way we see R&B. As ImSoMaleek describes his latest EP as:

“Shifting the sound of what we call R&B today, just really getting that sound back of why people fell in love with Rhythm and Blues, this is just the warm-up,” ImSoMaleek says.

The project is full of vitality as the EP soothes, excites, and uplifts. ImSoMaleek’s passion is music and making music to “relate” to his listeners, as his music is introspective, cathartic, and pure vibes. 

Be sure to check out ImSoMaleek via Instagram @imsomaleek, as he is gearing up to drop a new album, King Of The Hill, narrated by Dave East, that will be hitting all digital streaming platforms soon. 

Also, in the meantime, listen to ImSoMaleek‘s latest project, Soul Shift EP, below!