Iggy azalea nude leak
Iggy Azalea nudes leak online

Iggy Azalea 2016 Nude Photos Leak Online

Rapper Iggy Azalea nude photos have leaked online, forcing the “Fancy” hitmaker to deactivate both her instagram and twitter account for the main time.

The nudes appear to be from a photoshoot she did with photographer Nino Munoz for GQ Australia’s “Woman Of The Year” issue a few years ago

The images shows Iggy posed braless in a wet white t-shirt. However, according to multiple reports, she was also photographed completely topless in several unpublished shots that she later sent to the plastic surgeon who performed her breast augmentation surgery in 2015.

In a statement she made before deactivating her accounts, she expressed that she was “surprised and angry” that the images still happened to be in someone’s possession. She said that she intends to press criminal charges.

“Today I’m a ball of negative emotions. I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad and a million other things. Not solely because I did not consent to this — but also because of the vile way people have reacted,” she began.

Describing the many comments from men, Iggy shares disturbing details of their thoughts and fantasies. “The outright wicked things people say is overwhelming and makes me feel like throwing up. If you’ve ever been humiliated before in front of family and those you care about maybe you can relate to what I’m going through.”

“It’s like a nuclear bomb that explodes and not only destroys you emotionally, but leaves a path of destruction in your personal life, effecting [sic] your relationship and people who matter most too [sic].”

“I have seen some really vicious s— written in the last 24 hours and it is too much negativity for me to handle,” she concluded. “For now it’s best to keep my accounts deactivated. Please be kinder to one another.”

Before these, the rapper was getting ready to release her “in my defense” project whose release i think will be moved back now.