Hopsin i don't want it

Hopsin clearly doesn’t care or is interested in finding out on new song titled ‘I Don’t Want It’, he is one of the ill-est rappers out there and he proves that more on these track.

It seems he is currently going through a lot at the moment and he is not scared to share his fears and worries as he does on his new song “No family bonds, no FV, can’t be with my son, No f*cking girlfriend, I swear I thought that she was the one, I feel alone and I struggle to get my fans what they want from me, I’m struggling to build this UP company, I’m begging on my f*cking knees like, ‘God, please help me ’cause I can’t f*cking breathe’,”. He raps on a powerful emotion filled verse.

Hopsin says he has not seen his two year old son as he accused his ex-girlfriend Alyce of keeping him away from his on a song he released back in February titled “The Old Us“. He has taken time off to deal with the issues he is facing but promises to be back via a message on his youtube page “I will Be back When im better.”

Stream Below.