Hopsin Picasso

Stream Hopsin Latest Single “Picasso”

Hopsin is back with another thought provoking lyrical magic titled “Picasso“, has not really done much these year, his last release was in February when he dropped ‘The Old Us‘ song in which he vented out frustrations on his past relationship with ex-girlfriend Alyce.

The talented rapper is back today with his new song ‘Picasso’ which has different content than the last one. He doesn’t shy away from taking shots at some of the new rappers out these days.

“Hollywood, Hollywood, oh, how I fuckin’ love you, I cannot seem to, breakthrough from this curse that I’ve been stuck to, I came in as a lil’ man, but now my fuckin’ nuts grew, Today’s the days our ties are finally cut loose, fuck you, Uh-oh, it’s my triflin’ ass, Pullin’ up like, “Hi guys, I’m back”
Goddamn, nigga, I’m so up that I can’t get down, gotta skydive from that (Yikes)”. He rspd on the first verse of the delightful new tune.

Listen to the track and let us know what you think by leaving a comment for us below do you think he is still as good as he used to be or not?.

Stream  Hopsin Picasso Below: