Hopsin Kumbaya

Hopsin on her last track rapped about being stuck in Thailand due to travel restrictions, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. It seems the rapper so how managed to gather some inspiration as he demonstrates on his new song titled ‘Kumbaya.’

He also shares the music video for the song. The video which is shot in Thailand shows Hopsin walking with elephants in the forest while self reflecting.

“I done left it all behind me in Cali’ // While yellin’ goodbye to my family // I had to do a little soul search (Yeah) // All of my demons kept on fightin’ and scrappin’ // Inside of my mind, I was crashin’ // Maybe I was having a growth spurt (Uh) // They tell me I should go out and mingle, it don’t work (What?) // I’ve contemplated on whether or not to smoke Purp (No) // Think you sick in the head? Come visit my shed.” He kicks off the first verse.

“I been noticing a shift in the industry // Too many niggas who appear to be gritty // Flashin’ they nice jewels (What?) // Braggin’ about some pills and packin’ a rifle (What?) // You just gon’ be another rapper with it die soon (Boom) // That’s another body off the market // Rigor mortis seen him before police saw the carcass // Some of these niggas really ’bout it // They gon’ show you all the corners.” He continues on the second verse.

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Watch the video below.