Independent Artist Honcho Truth is focused taking his career to the TOP! Determined to make waves in the hip hop industry with his charismatic attitude and unique sound, Honcho Truth is ready to make music that will be remembered for years to come. Gaining attention on social media from his infamous freestyles, the North Carolina native has a new album on the way that will prove that he’s an artist you should keep on your radar! Get to know more about Honcho Truth and what he has in store for the new year down below.

What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name from? 

I started rapping young so I was called Da Rookie, then as I got older I was like I can’t always call my self that so around like 13 I changed it to “Yung Truth” I remember my older cousin being like “you better be spitting the truth then” . The Honcho part came because I said it in a song and my twin was like “boy you gotta run with that” and it just kinda stuck with me.

How would you describe your sound/style?

I would say it’s more of “mockingbird style” with a southern drawl that allow me to adapt to any sound while maintaining my signature flow. Ima student of the game so its effortless and undeniable.

When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously?

I don’t think there was a time where i wasn’t involved with music. Me and my cousins would sell tickets in Bradford Green apartments and get people to come to the park and watch us sing we was probably 8-11 yrs old me being the youngest. Around the time I turned 13 I was recording through a boom box with the cpu speakers playing the beat. I always knew I wanted to do this but I didn’t start putting full effort in until after my incarceration.

Why music? Describe your passion.

I’ve tried everything else from sports, jobs, streets etc. this is the only thing I’m able to do without missing. Like I don’t even write anymore cause the Big God had it written.

Any life changing stories/incidents that impacted your music career, your decision to do music, your journey, etc?

The biggest thing that continuously impact the decision with my music is the numerous chances I’ve had at life. It’s been many of times I’ve thought I was getting locked back up or end up in a situation where I could’ve lost my life, or even the people I’ve lost during my life all show me that I have a purpose with this. I feel like if I give up on this then I’m going against my purpose

What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?

That the most gangster thing you can do is be yourself. I feel like if you listened to any song that I’m on and don’t walk away with something then I failed. So I’m working to reach every listener.

In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists out there?

Im not afraid to take risk with music. It doesn’t have to be a set sound or flow for me. My charisma is unmatched and I don’t sound like anybody else, a lot of people like to make songs that sound like what’s already out. I like making music that’s gone last.

Are you currently working on any projects or collaborating with any special artists, music producers, writers, etc?

Currently working on “Welcome To Flexico 2”. I don’t even like name dropping like that but I can tell you I got some shit with one of the dopest producers in Atlanta right now, you’ll know when you see it though.

What is next for you?

To have one of the biggest impacts that the music industry have seen in a long time.

Instagram: @honchotruth

Facebook: @honchotruth336

YouTube Channel: Honcho Truth

TikTok: @honchotruth