Hey Violet Better By Mysel Video
Hey Violet Better By Mysel Video

Watch Hey Violet New Music Video ‘Better By Mysel’

Hey Violet delivers a sensational music video for their hit single, ‘Better By Mysel’ directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, the new video shows the four current members Rena Lovelis, Nia Lovelis, Casey Moreta, and Iain Shipp.

ressed in old-fashioned styles such as gogo boots and bell bottoms, the members of Hey Violet casually spend their summer in the past, listening to cassettes and blowing bubbles, truly living life “better by myself.”

The song’s mid-tempo beat and addictive chorus will leave the listener singing, “I’m better by myself, better by myself,” all day, and the video’s nostalgic visuals will have them wishing they could really go to the past to escape an ex.

Watch the video below. also Hey Violet will perform several upcoming shows to celebrate the release of their new music.