Anthony Joshua Jay-Z

Anthony Joshua once thought rapper Jay-Z was going to punch him when he asked for a photo at a Will Smith movie premiere. The heavyweight champion who is currently preparing for his next fight against Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk on September 25, narrated what went on during a conversation with William Hill.

“‘Jay-Z was cool. I was at a Will Smith premiere once, years ago,” the boxer began. ” It was one of those big staircases and I was in the top left. And I saw Jay-Z walk in…”

“And in my head, I was like: ‘Yo, there’s Jay-Z.’ Know what I mean? Ready to jump down the balcony. But I thought: ‘Play it cool.’ So I thought: ‘What way is he gonna come up these stairs?’ Because if I stand on the left and he goes on the right, there’s too many people, it’s a premiere.”

Anthony Joshua Jay-Z

“Thank God I stood at the right side.” He continued. “As he come up, I was kind of like [grabs his wrist]: ‘Jay, do you mind if I get a picture?’ And he kind of looked at my hand, yeah, like: ‘Boy, I will bust your head if you don’t get off my hand.'”

“But it was just one of those things where I just gave the guy the camera, and in that picture – I think it’s one of the first pictures on my Instagram – Jay-Z has just got a plain face. And there’s me with a big smile.”