nipsey hussle murder case

More details concerning Nipsey Hussle Murder Case unravels as the getaway driver involved in the incident gave account while testifying in court to grand jury.

The identity of the driver was withheld and was addressed as ‘withness 1’ due to an immunity agreement, claims she was with Eric Holder on the day of the incident, March 31. She explained that they went to the strip mall where Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing Store is located, and Holder seemed excited to see that Nipsey was also there getting food.

She further explained that Holder allegedly approached Nipsey, who waved him off and questioned Holder about being a snitch.

After leaving the restaurant, Eric instructed the driver to go around the corner of the block for a drive-by, which she said she refused to participate in. Eric Holder then got out of the car and fired  shots at Nipsey severally.  After getting back in the car, the driver said Holder had a black semi-automatic and also a smaller revolver.

Others to testify in the case includes Nipseys business associate, Herman Douglas, who also claim to have heard the conversation between Holder and Nipsey Hussle, emphasizing on the part where Nipsey called Holder a snitch, adding that the rapper told Holder to take care of it. Herman added that Holder had denied snitching and claimed that people were just hating on him.

Source: TMZ