G Eazy Demi Lovato Breakdown

Ahead of the release of his much-awaited album These Things Happen Too, set for release next Friday, September 24th. G-Eazy has released a new single ‘Breakdown’ and it features Demi Lovato.

Eazy has been teasing the song’s arrival for some time now, most recently during the trailer for the Netflix series, Titletown High, giving fans the first glimpse of the song.

‘Breakdown’ arrives with the music video which you can watch below. The song shortly follows his previous release, ‘The Announcement’ which he delivered when he first broke the news of the album’s release date.

On ‘Breakdown’, G-Eazy raps:

You know, Been fighting my demons, but they ain’t fighting fair But I keep saying that “Everything’s alright, I swear”, All alone in a dark space, ain’t no light in there What’s fucked up is I might actually like it there, Pouring everything on this paper my pen is on Feel like I’m breaking in places they put the pressure on I’m the one in my circle they all depending on, To do it though, I need these drugs I’ve become dependent on Someone tried to confront me, now we don’t get along In my business, they tripping on what I’m sipping on, They can’t reach the pedestal that my head is on
But, truthfully, I’ve been breaking down, just finally letting on…

Listen below.