Freddie Gibbs Disses Kendrick Lamar Drake’s ‘Champagne Poetry’

It seems Freddie Gibbs is not too happy with Kendrick Lamar saying he is “Smokin’ on your top five” on his recent feature on Baby Keem’s “Family Ties”, Gibbs has now responded in his latest freestyle over Drake’s ‘Champagne Poetry’ instrumental.

Rappers are recently taking a liking to Drake’s ‘Champagne Poetry’ instrumental, Freddie Gibbs is not the first artist to rap over the beat, a few days ago, Lupe Fiasco released a freestyle titled ‘Diet Soda Poetry’ on which he rapped over the beat, Gibbs freestyle is however titled ‘Vice Lord Poetry’.

Gibbs takes shots at Kendrick on a verse:

The earth ain’t big enough for both of us, you gotta get done They say they smokin’ top 5s, but you ain’t burnt up the one, Fuck n*ggas talking ’bout?, Like every time I hit the booth I don’t leave that b*tch with a body count

Kendrick Lamar is currently prepping his forthcoming yet untitled album which he says will be the last for his current record label, Top Dawg Entertainment so it’s uncertain if we will get a reply from him but who knows, he might just surprise us.