50 Cent throws table at man

50 Cent is clearly not one to play with as he has demonstrated a number of times. New footage shows the rapper and movie producer throwing a table and chair at an unknown man.

According to the muted video obtained by Tmz, 50 Cent was calmly having dinner with an unidentified woman in the patio-area at the Edgewater Commons Mall in Edgewater, NJ, when a man walked up to him, there was a quick exchange but things quickly got out of hand.

Fif grabbed a table propelling it in the man’s direction. Seeing that he missed, hitting a Lexus car instead. Fif quickly grabbed a chair and threw at the man.

It seems these is not the first time the two have gotten into an altercation. The same unidentified man met 50 Cent outside of a movie theater and insisted the rapper check out his Instagram. This year he approached Fif with a much more hostile attitude. The man was allegedly filming and being rude to the rhymer before 50 Cent flew off the handle.

No arrest has been made as at the time of this publication. Watch the video below and let us know what you think via comment.