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Stream Flying Lotus featuring Anderson .Paak More

Stream Flying Lotus featuring Anderson .Paak “More”

Flying Lotus is here with his latest single “More” ahead of his forthcoming album Flamagra which is scheduled to drop on the 24th of may and he features Anderson .Paak on the sensational vibe.

Today, he stopped by Beats 1 radio to debut his new single ‘More’ where he joins forces with Anderson .Paak. This is certainly a match made in heaven as both artists’ music senses are quite similar. Listen to the upbeat song below. “We started this song about six years ago. Pretty much, like right away. It was early, it was early. You know, but I didn’t have a project yet and it was like in the very beginning when I was starting to work on my new stuff,” FlyLo told Zane Lowe.

“So the song has been, it’s been around but it hadn’t been finished. It was a good demo. It was a good demo for a long time. And we were like, “we’ve gotta finish the song.” He kept asking me, anytime I ran into him, “Aye, man, you finished the song, man?” and it was, you know, we knew then it was a good track. We’ve been talking about it for forever. When is our shit going to drop? Well, soon, soon. So I’m glad it’s out. It’s done,”

Listen below and let us know what you think about the new vibe, by leaving a comment for us below, telling us what you think about the new track and your thoughts on his forthcoming album.

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