Flatbush Zombies Afterlife

Flatbush Zombies are here with the first track off the trio’s sessions with James Blake. The song is titled ‘Afterlife.’ The group have also shared the official video directed by Arnaud Bresson. Speaking on the technology involved in making the video, he said.

“Today, there is no technology that X-ray films a living being without endangering it, so we worked hand in hand with a post-production company to develop a technical device that would allow us to achieve a similar effect,” he said in a statement. “We used multi-camera tracking, recorded the positions and movements of our characters to extract and apply to our 3D compositions. It took four months of work to find the perfect style.”

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“There’s some things I can’t help learnin’ / At times, man, it make me feel selfish (Selfish) / At times, man, it make me real nervous (Nervous) / But that made me a real person (Person) / Anything sus’, I’m allergic (Allergic) / I grew up in the hood, I deserve it (Deserve it) / Pay me for my name, tryna maintain.” The trios Erick the Architect & Meechy Darko connect on the James Blake produced song.

Listen below.