Halsey calls out fan for yelling g- eazy

Halsey on February 2nd during her performance at the BudxMiami pre-Super Bowl concert, called out a fan who kept yelling her ex, G-Eazy’s name for no reason. Halsey who seemed to ignore him at first could not take it any longer as he kept yelling G-Eazy.

These prompted the singer to react as she rushed towards the front of stages. “If you say G-Eazy one more fucking time, I’ma kick you out of this club,” she snapped. “I will kick your ass outta this club, test me. Fucking test me. You wanna get out of the club? Who is it? It’s you? Who said G-Eazy? Who’s fucking yelling it, ’cause I’ll kick your ass outta the fucking club. Do not disrespect me like that at my own show.”


The singer has however addressed the incident on her Instagram. “Don’t ever let someone make u feel crazy or unhinged cause ur a woman standing up for urself. Don’t tolerate disrespect in the name of being ‘nice.’ Love you,” she posted.

Halsey and G-Easy went separate ways last year after 10 months of dating. They first came out as a couple back in 2017.