Erica Banks and DreamDoll Toot That Remix

Erica Banks is looking to recreate her ‘Buss It’ success as she connects with DreamDoll and BeatKing for the remix of her single ‘Toot That’.

The Texan rapper has rather been quiet over the past months but it’s good to see her take on the role of a successful business leader who runs a consulting firm alongside DreamDoll, teaching their clients how to become successful and empowering women in the brand new video. Watch the video below.

The original track, featuring Banks and fellow Texan BeatKing, was released last summer. But, as the world reopens, the track is set to take on a new life in the clubs it was meant to hit in the first place.

Her breakthrough single ‘Buss It’ which sparked the #BussItChallenge went viral on TikTok and even reached Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 setting the wave for a new beginning making Banks a veritable household name practically overnight, Billboard also featured Banks as a “Hip-Hop Artist To Watch in 2021.”

Listen below.