Eminem greatest rappers of all time

Fresh off declaring Tupac Shakur as the greatest writer of all time, “OK, this next song is from an artist that I feel like might be the greatest songwriter of all time,” Eminem said prior to playing ’Pac’s record, “If I Die 2Nite.” “Debate what you want about MC skills and all that because he had that, too. This is one of them songs by Tupac that, to me, was like, he was showing you I can write heartfelt shit and I can write lyrical, crazy shit, too.”

The ‘Godzilla‘ rapper has now mentioned his greatest rappers of all time. Famous YouTuber NoLifeShaq, on Saturday, posted a video of himself DM’ing 30 rappers on Instagram and asking them all the same question: “Who is the greatest rapper of all time?.”

Although Em’s did not respond on time, the Detroit rapper on Sunday morning (June 14), responded to the question via tweet.

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“For me, in no particular order… Toss up between [lil] wayne, [2]pac, royce [da 5’9″], jay[-z], redman, treach, [kool] g. rap, biggie & king crook,” Eminem posted.

“Plus redman, LL [cool j], nas, joyner [lucas], kendrick [lamar], [j] cole, andre [3000], rakim, [big daddy] kane…,” he added in the follow up post.