EARTHGANG Wale Options new song

A few months later, after fans first heard the preview of EARTHGANG and Wale’s new song titled Options. The song has finally being released on all major streaming platforms.

Both artist have been off the market for some time now, Earthgang more focus on their super group Spillage Village and the album Spilligion while Wale have been on a few collabs and released only a handful of singles in the past months, it’s how ever nice to see them end the year together on a new song.

“I got options, I got options Got a million people watchin’ Yeah, they clockin’, yeah, they clockin’ / I got options, I got options, baby Got a million people watchin’ Yeah, they clockin’ ’cause I’m poppin’.” Johnny Venus flows on the chorus before moving on to the first verse.

“don’t believe in you, I got no reason to Eyes that can see through you, I still be needin’ you, yeah We survive, baby, we survive / I don’t want no drama, I want a vibe I just wanna come and get the light / Like d-d-d-d-da, d-d-d-d-d-da.” Wale continues on the second.

Listen below.