Dwight Howard gay rumors

Dwight Howard answered some difficult questions on his latest interview with Kristine Leahy for FS1’s Fair Game including rumors of him being gay. Here is what he had to say when asked by Leahy about the rumors.

“It ended up being a situation that was—it went viral. People were talking about it, and it upset me because I didn’t even know who the person was. Why would somebody who I never met, never had any contact with, make up a whole story about me. I saw all the hate, the pure hate, from people that I’ve never met before, just pile up everywhere I went.” He told Leahy.

By “people that I’ve never met before”, he was referring to a lawsuit lawsuit filed against him by Masin Elije who claims he was in a romantic relationship with Howard also claiming that he was offered money by Calvin Simmons, Howard’s pastor to keep quiet about the situation at the time he filed a lawsuit.

“I’m not gay. It’s a lot of people who are and they have to hide, and there’s people who have mental issues and they have to hide. There’s people who have different problems in life and they have to hide. They have to put on the mask every day, and it’s like, I don’t wanna wear no mask, I just wanna be.” He told Leahy during the revealing and emotional interview.