Dvsn Between Us Snoh Aalegra

With their highly anticipated studio album ‘A Muse In Her Feelings,’ slated for release April 17th via OVO Sound, Dvsn link up Snoh Aalegra on new song ‘Between Us,’ the first to arrive off the project.

The Canadian R&B duo channel their inner Usher mojo on the new song as they sample his classic track ‘Nice & Slow‘ on the Nineteen85-produced song.

“Don’t be sorry, just be careful, baby // Know my heart is fragile // Don’t say shit that you don’t really mean // ‘Cause that’s just hard to handle // I loved it just, when it was just me and you // Then know the truth so we gon’ watch how we move // But nothin’ beats the feelin’ that you givin’ me // Even if it ain’t forever, ooh // Just keep it honest, we made some promises // They got opinions, but that won’t change a thing.” Snoh Aalegra sings on the new song.

“We’ve never been afraid to take risks in our songwriting, and this time is no different. With Snoh’s help, we were able to casually blur the lines of communication and temptation,” the duo earlier teased the song before it’s release.

Listen below. You can also pre-order the album here.