Doja Cat Freak

Doja Cat has released a surprise single titled ‘Freak.’ The song was released about a year ago, not just on streaming platforms, it seems she has finally uploaded to streaming services and you can listen to it below via Apple music or Spotify music.

“Here’s a special treat ! FREAK will be available on all streaming services tomorrow to hold you guys off while I’m working on new surprise,” the star wrote on her Instagram while announcing the song.

“Tie him down to my queen bed / Tease him just enough to hate me (hate me) / Tied it tight enough, he can’t break free (break free) / Keep him waiting ’til he try / This can go one of two ways / We could flip the coin, I’ll be your slave (ooh, ooh, ooh) / Call you daddy, give me a nickname / I ain’t afraid of a little pain (no, I ain’t ‘fraid of a little pain).” She sings on the song.

Listen below.