dj snake Loco Contigo Remix

With few days left, DJ Snake intends on closing the decade in style as he links up with J Balvin, Ozuna & Nicky Jam for the remix of his classic, “Loco Contigo.”

Loco Contigo is undoubtedly one of the most streamed tracks of 2019. The song landed a whopping 374 million streams on Spotify alone and the music video for the Tyga-assisted record landed 212 million views on YouTube, Dj Snake is looking forward to beating the record with the remix.

“I remember the first time I dropped a couple of house records, someone threw an Air Force One in my face. So I decided to stop,” DJ Snake explained to Billboard during an interview for a 2018 cover-story, opening up about the origins of his career. “I was like, ‘I want to be able to play everything.’ People were like, ‘You’re crazy. You’re going to lose all your credibility and fans.’ But I wanted to try new things and make my own music. So I became a producer.”

Listen to Dj’s Snake Loco Contigo remix below and let us know what you think via comment.