Dj Khaled cardi b Big Paper

Dj Khaled calls on the assistance of “Press” rapper Cardi B to help him do justice to a new song titled ‘Big Paper’ off his recently released studio album ‘Khaled Khaled‘.

This comes as a huge surprise to all because when Khaled shared the tracklist to the album some days back, this particular track was not on the tracklist and Cardi B did not appear on the project till now.

Cardi, however, shared a graphic of him and Khaled on social media teasing the song but still, we were not sure where or when exactly the song would appear till now.

“A-ain’t no bitch like Card’, that’s why these bitches don’t like her (Nope) I respect shit-starters, not no shit-typers (Uh) / Three-year break, I still get this shit hyper (Woo) / Shot back to the top, don’t make a bitch snipe ya’ (Grr) /Big Bardi, they can fuck with me hardly (Woo) / Body anybody sayin’ thеy don’t know my body (Uh).” Listen below.