divine kohinoor

India’s barrier breaking rapper DIVINE is fast becoming a household name, his style is undeniably the first of it’s kind. The rapper who is currently getting ready to release his forthcoming debut album has shared the first track off the project “Kohinoor“, which is also the title track for the project.

DIVINE first captured out attention when he signed a deal with Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, becoming the first artist under the newly established imprint, Mass Appeal India.

While speaking on the forthcoming album, the rapper revealed that he was both excited and scared as he was aware that such opportunities only came once. “I want everyone to love it because it’s a project that I have spent time, energy and sweat on. I’m proud and scared at the same time. You only get one shot at a debut album, don’t you?”

Listen to “Kohinoor” and let us know what you think.