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Desiinger Falls Off Stage While Performing : Watch

Desiinger falls off stage

“Panda” rapper Desiinger, on Tuesday (Feb. 18) while performing at Jewel nightclub in Las Vegas, fell off the stage but was lucky enough to lands on the back of Houston Rockets star James Harden who was in the crowd.

He was performing his 2015 hit single “Panda”. While rapping his lyrics, he tumbled off the stage. In the clip, you can see Desiigner trying to balance himself before he tips over and lands on the back of Harden.

According to TMZ’s sources, neither Desiigner or Harden was injured. Apparently, Harden was trying to stay incognito at the event with his hoodie covering his head but his cover was blown once Desiigner landed on top of him. Talk about having an unexpected brush with a celebrity.

Watch the video below.

Source: XXL


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